Water Activated Tape

  • Securely seals packages
  • Tamper Evident
  • Provides superior adhesion to recycled materials
  • Tacks quickly
  • Forms a permanent bond
  • Reduces waste
  • Increases productivity
  • Proper company branding
  • Works in harsh environments


Referred to as both Water Activated Tape and Gummed Tape there is no better technology to secure your packages and is the safest way to send your packages.  Thousands of dollars are wasted annually on stolen and returned goods, a simple solution to your shipping problem is a better seal for your packages.   As you can see below there is really no comparison between Water Activated Tape / Gummed Tape and Pressure Sensitive (PS)  tape.  Water Activated Tape / Gummed Tape seals boxes using a chemical bond.





Bonds quickly – Each sample of tape was placed on the corrugated surface and rubbed a single time after thirty seconds the tape was removed.  Water Activated Tape / Gummed Tape prevents package theft and damage by creating a permanent bond with your boxes.  By using two layers of paper and a cross-pattern of fiberglass filaments laminated in between, total tamper evidence is acheived.  Once the tape is activated with water, the bond between box and tape provides the best seal, appearance and security for your packages.





Reduces waste –   With Phoenix Tape Dispensers just select the right amount of tape to match your box size and the tape machine will deliver a perfectly sized piece of Water Activated Tape / Gummed Tape each time.  This allows your organization to reduce waste and get a consistent professional looking package every time you ship.   The innovative E2 can even go further by allowing a preset length to be dispensed hands free with our photo-electric sensor that delivers water activated tape with the wave of a hand.   PS tapes can require shippers to place several pieces of tape on each box, giving a very unprofessional appearance, to seal with water activated tape you only need one piece of tape for the top of the box and one for the bottom of the box.





Proper company branding – water activated tape is also a cost effective way to add your company’s branding to each package without the costly expense of custom boxes.   The Phoenix Evolution machine allows you to add an even higher level of security by printing custom on-demand messages.  This unit is capable of branding your tape with a variety of information.  Easily create and print messages on demand, time and date stamp features are standard on the Phoenix EV series of machines.  Other features include 100 message storage, barcodes, custom logos, five colors, multiple lines of text and much more.  Download our Evolution FAQ sheet for more details on what this printer can do for your company.




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