E Commerce shippers are switching from plastic tape to water activated tape and the Phoenix E1 tape dispensers.
What is WAT? Phoenix Tapers Explains Why Water Activated Tape is Best Packaging Solution.
Case Sealer technology for WATInnovation for Automation
A600 and M600 Case Sealer
This video shows the features and benefits of the Phoenix E600 water activated case sealer. This is the entry level offering in water activated case sealers.
Pack Like a Professional Introducing THE TOTAL SOLUTION Phoenix Tape Machines for ECommerce.
Phoenix WAT Dispensers Water Activated Tape Machines Explained Demonstrated by McDonald Machine Company.
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How to set up and program your Phoenix PE4-E gummed tape dispenser.
How to replace the Upper Shear EM4-1 in the Phoenix Electric Series of dispensers.
Remove and Replace water tank and moistening brushes. E2-1 and E2-3 on the electrics and M2-1 on the manual machines.
PE1, PE2 and PE4-E, remove and replace cutter spring E4-4.
Phoenix M1 unpack and set up
How to change both springs in Phoenix M1 model Tape Dispenser